14 Jul, 2020


by Marie

Positivity has always been at the forefront of Rastaclat’s vision. Despite being founded nearly a decade ago, their message ‘Seek the Positive’ is more prevalent now than ever. When it feels like the world has given us plenty of reasons to pack a sad, the colourful Rastaclat on your wrist is an eye-catching reminder to seek out positivity in your life.

Rastaclat’s #PositivityChallenge is just another great example of their ethos ringing true; over the course of March 2020, they challenged their community to do 30 acts of kindness over 30 days. Each participant was encouraged to nominate three friends, tag @Rastaclat and use the hashtag #PositivityChallenge. To brighten your day, we’ve included a short video with a few of the heartwarming highlights in the video below:

We’ve taken Rastaclat’s initiative to heart, so here are some examples of easy ways to spread some more positivity in your community - better late than never!

  1. Write a thank you note.
  2. Call your friends or family members and tell them you love them.
  3. Compliment someone’s outfit.
  4. Share an inspirational quote on your social media.
  5. Offer a hand when you see someone in need.
  6. Listen to one of Rastaclat’s positivity playlists: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/49jA19mb0bBQs9pntQ0JMP
  7. Perform a random act of kindness.
  8. Smile :)
  9. Buy someone a coffee to help start their day off right.
  10. Send some encouraging words to your loved ones so they know you’re cheering them on.

Rastaclat "Positive Vibe" Laced Bracelet

Rastaclat "Positive Vibes" Knotted Bracelet

Rastaclat "Positive Vibes" Knotted Bracelet

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