Outlaw Collective A/W 2020

09 Jun, 2020


by Marie

Lanky palm trees line the streets, cracked paint is freckled on the faces of tired buildings, and sunlight reflects off of shop windows as you drive past; there’s the faint sound of music being played a street over. The nostalgia for South Central L.A. settles in as you pass each barbershop and tattoo parlour nestled into Otahuhu. Drive a little bit further and it doesn’t take long to realise it’s not just the landscape of these sister cities that mirrors each other.

Outlaw Collective Doberman Hoodie

As it turns out, there’s something universal about growing up listening to N.W.A. against parents’ wishes, cruising through neighbourhoods on low-riders, and family afternoon barbecues that roll into late night block parties. These shared memories connect South Central L.A. and the suburbs of Auckland with a shared appreciation for old school streetwear and O.G. 90’s culture - this appreciation is the inspiration for the latest and greatest Outlaw Collective range.

Outlaw Collective "The World Is Yours" Jacket

Outlaw Collective Tan Jacket

Hearty materials, refined fits, and timeless style are the starting point for each product’s design, and don’t skip over the premium details or the retro throwbacks fused into each piece. It’s this exact aesthetic that makes you an Outlaw.

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