Our Favourite Tunes for Mother's Day!

27 Apr, 2021


by Kevin

Mother’s Day is coming up and there is nothing more special about Mother’s Day than to show love and appreciation to the women who brought us into this world.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget about how much our mums have done for us. From taking us to our first day of school to cooking us our favourite meals. Our mums have a special place in our hearts for the love and sacrifices they have given to make sure we become the best versions of ourselves. When we reflect on these sentimental memories, listening to the right music can help evoke so many emotions that hit close to the feels. Feelings of nostalgia, happy or sad are all part of the process of reminiscing about those sentimental times.

That is why we have decided to compile 5 of our favourite tunes for Mother’s Day to reflect on when thinking about our mums.

5.) Mama’s Kitchen by Cece Winans

Ever think back to the simpler times growing up and helping mum out? Because this is the song that will take you back and reminisce about those good times. This beautiful song is from Cece’s award-winning album “Purified” and talks about the wisdom and lessons her mother passed down to her as a child and how deeply those words are rooted in her.

4.) Hey Mama by Kanye West

West debuted the song on Oprah with his mother in the audience, which she liked so much that she made it into her ringtone at the time. The song praises his mother and gives thanks to her for all she did in his life. In 2008, a year after his mother’s passing, the rapper performs at the Grammy Awards and performs a new version of the song before breaking down in tears. The heart-warming track reminds us of how much we should treasure our mums before it is too late.

3.) Mother by Ashanti

Mother by Ashanti is a thank you song to her mother and how she raised Ashanti to become the woman she is today. The RNB icon gives a tender tribute to the love and appreciation she has for her mother. The track also shares a few personal stories between Ashanti and her mother, stories of unconditional love that may resonate with many people.

2.) A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men

Nothing hits harder than a soulful ode by the American boy band, Boyz II Men. The emotional ballad is dedicated to mothers everywhere and will put your love and appreciation for your mum into words. Despite the song being 2 decades old, the song remains relevant as our love for our mothers is timeless.

1.) Dear Mama by 2Pac

This song needs no introduction because Dear Mama by 2Pac is an instant classic when it comes to thinking about our mums. A tribute to his mother, Afeni Shakur, the rap icon delivers the famous verse “ain’t no woman alive that could take my mama’s place.” The song explores the deep relationship and appreciation 2Pac has with his mother and that at the end of the day, he is still a mama’s boy.

That's our top 5! What's yours?

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