GREENSTRIDE™ By Timberland

15 Jul, 2021


by Kevin

GreenStride™ - A new technology by Timberland providing natural comfort

Known for The Original Yellow Boot™, Timberland have been in the game for over 45 years creating footwear staples for men and women. Sustainability has been a focus for the brand for years, working to lessen their footprint and increase the use of renewable materials.

With this in mind, Timberland have just launched their new Solar Wave collection made with GreenStride™ technology. GreenStride™ provides one of the most eco-conscious and comfortable experiences that Timberland have ever invented. Comfort in most shoes is delivered through a soft foam material called EVA which is typically made from petroleum-based ingredients.

The new Solar Wave collection replaces 75% of the petroleum with ingredients grown in nature, like sugar cane and rubber sourced from sustainably managed forests. The addition of natural rubber helps provide rebound and takes foot comfort to a whole new level.

The Timberland Solar Wave collection is available now at Red Rat.

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