Get To Know Them: DJ Seymore

04 Mar, 2021


by Dan

Meet DJ Seymore. Up and coming DJ, foodie and entertainer. We caught up with DJ Seymore to ask him a few quick fire questions about life, kicks & food. Take a minute to read below to get to know the man!

Tell us a bit about yourself

'I'm a local DJ here in New Zealand and my life revolves around, not only music but food, family and health. When I'm not moving a crowd, I’m messing around in the kitchen exploring new flavours, creating new sandwiches or cooking up a storm with the Eggplants Boys. To balance out all the kai, I'm working out just to get in shape and to keep the mind sharp. No matter what decision I make team mates and whanau always support me.'

You’re a regular on the club scene in Auckland. Tell us about how you got into DJing and why you do it.

'My Old Man was an Entertainer and I loved seeing every smile he put on faces. The energy that filled the room when he sang and every standing ovation gave me the shivers and excitement to want to do something similar. Not only did I see people enjoying themselves but It showed me that no matter what that person was going through in their life, that moment of joy helped them forget about it. I started making music and then made the transition to DJing and it’s been an amazing experience since. Started out at a few places like Portland Public House, Harry’s, 1885 and then everywhere else.'

We’ve done a deep dive into your Instagram and spotted some class pics. We’ve selected a few of them below. Tell us about them.

'This was 301 Radio’s latest Event - Lucky Dip, held at Saturday’s Britomart. One of my favourite events to DJ because it's based on genres and less about the DJ so it really gave me a chance to play music I don't get to play. This Lucky Dip the genre allocated to me was Soul/Funk.'

'I'm about to board my flight to my first ever Spring Break - Beach Comber (FIJI). This was huge for me, another international to add to the list. There was a theme and it was to dress as anything beginning with the letter ‘S’ so I went as Safari Seymore. lol'

'Massive experience here, I was fortunate enough to walk the run-way at New Zealand fashion week for Not For You Clothing. It was a different type of nervousness but it wasn't like DJing in front of people. I highly rate this outfit also and wish I could keep everything I was wearing.'

Judging by the look of your gram, you’re a real foodie! Tell us about your go to home cooked meal

'I LOVE FOOD! I have a few go to meals but if there was one to mention it'll have to be this vietnamese coconut cream beef or chicken rice noodle. Marinate the meat however you like, fry up some onions and garlic. Slice up carrots, cucumber and spring onions. Bean sprouts (Optional). Once rice noodles are done, store in the fridge till everything is ready. Add all together, with a few tablespoons of coconut cream and then add vietnemese dinner sauce to liking. Very easy dish to make full of flavour.'

I know you love sneakers! Tell us about the last pair of sneakers you copped

'A lot of O.G Jordan collectors aren't going to like this but the last pair of sneakers I copped were Jordan 1’s mid breds.'

Red Rat has teamed up with DJ Seymore to talk kicks in upcoming episodes of Sole Chat! The next episode drops on the 8th of March exclusive to Red Rat's Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels. Stay tuned!

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