12 Jul, 2021


by Kevin

Introducing PRIMEBLUE and PRIMEGREEN by adidas.

A move towards a more sustainable future.

adidas is committed to going green and ENDING PLASTIC WASTE has become a major focus for the company over the last few years. The brand has embraced utilising fully recycled materials in its products and is on the journey to achieving climate neutrality in 2050.

So, what does that mean for us as streetwear enthusiasts who are always keen to wear the latest and greatest from brands such as the one with three stripes? We love our Superstars, Stan Smiths and NMDs but what does this mean?

By choosing to wear brands such as adidas, you are supporting the movement towards a more sustainable future. One way adidas helps achieve this is by minimalizing plastic waste that may end up in our natural environment. This is achieved by creating functional materials and fabrics that you may find in your adidas products.


PRIMEBLUE is a recycled high-performance material, that is made from recycled polyester from plastic intercepted from beaches and marine communities before it reaches ocean waters. The material is utilised in sports textiles and lifestyle apparel. For example, the upper materials of an NMD.

PRIMEGREEN is also a recycled high-performance material. However, PRIMEGREEN contains no virgin (or newly created) plastic and contains other recycled materials, to create products made with PRIMEGREEN are made with 100% recycled polyester.

With these innovations in mind, you might notice your favourite adidas products may now include PRIMEGREEN OR PRIMEBLUE materials.

Shop our adidas collection at Red Rat now and be a part of our movement towards building a more sustainable future.

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